Nicole Scherzinger Threatened Over 'X Factor' Decision; Paula Abdul to Blame?

A controversial episode of "X Factor" last week saw young singer Rachel Crow go home after a seemingly distraught Nicole Scherzinger could not decide whether to vote her on or off, however new enhanced audio reveals something different.

TMZ took the video clip from the show and enhanced the audio, which revealed a side comment from Paula Abdul instructing Nicole on what to do.

Paula told Nicole to, "Just let it go to deadlock."

Nicole followed through with Paula's advice and it was that decision that directly caused Crow to go home.

Now the judge is receiving death threats from fans of Crow's that are angry about the young girl being sent home.

This raises another question about the show, "How young is too young?"

Upon being eliminated the 13-year-old had an emotional breakdown on camera in front of America.

The girl was practically screaming as she began a small meltdown.

"X Factor's" age limit is 12-years-old, while "American Idol" has a limit of 16 years. Recently these reality shows have been under fire due to possible exploitation of young teens, and also a lack of responsibility concerning the price of fame and pressure has led people to condemn parents.

Television critics and concerned parents fear for the psychological effects on a child going through such immense pressure on a platform so great. Many feel the age requirement should be raised to 17 or 18.

Another key in the whole reality talent show business is the exploitation factor. These shows are making millions of dollars off of children performing and they are not receiving anything for it as far as the public is aware of.