'Nidhogg 2' PS4, PC Versions Coming Out in August

"Nidhogg 2" is coming to PlayStation 4 this August and players can expect some serious swashbuckling and sword fighting adventures when it arrives.

PlayStation.com"Nidhogg 2" promotional image.

The announcement for the "Nidhogg 2" release date was made on PlayStation EU's blog (via Eurogamer). According to PlayStation, the game will be available starting Aug. 15.

Although only the PS4 version was announced on the PlayStation blog, a Messhof representative confirmed to GameSpot that a PC version of the game will also come out on the same date.

"Nidhogg 2" co-founder and creative director Mark Essen also confirmed that pre-orders for the game will begin on July 18.

Compared to its predecessor, "Nidhogg 2" will feature more enhanced visuals. From 8-bit visuals, the sequel has been upgraded to a 16-bit graphical style.

"It seemed silly to use all this potential on pixelated stick figures," Essen said about the new bone animation programs they experimented with to perfect the game's graphics. "So, instead of minimalism, why not try out some maximalism? Animated faces, sweet outfits and hairstyles, bustling environments – the doors had swung wide and 'Nidhogg 2's' visual style was born," he added.

"Nidhogg 2" had a complete overhaul compared to the first game in terms of environments and animations. Players can now go through more than 10 levels and "occasional special challenge rounds." While playing, users can also enjoy the brand new soundtrack with music from Dose One, Mux Mool and Daedelus.

In terms of gameplay, players can now enjoy support for local and online multiplayer modes. A single-player mode is also available and where players get to compete with an AI.

Interestingly, players will have more options with the character they can use in the game. Full character customization is one of the new features in "Nidhogg 2" that wasn't available in its predecessor. Players can choose from different clothes, accessories and hair styles to use on their characters.