Nielson Data Reveals Android and Apple's Dominance in Smartphone Market

Recent Nielson data taken on the smartphone market has revealed that Google's Android OS is included on nearly half of handsets purchased in the U.S.

The second largest shareholder in the smartphone market happens to be Apple, which is not surprising since the two have been battling for supremacy in this arena for quite some time.

"Overall, Android continues to lead the smartphone market in the U.S., with 48 percent of smartphone owners saying they owned an Android OS device," said Nielson. "Nearly a third of smartphone users have an Apple iPhone, and Blackberry owners represented another 11.6 percent of the smartphone market."

Nielson compiled two sets of data, with one being for all smartphone owners and the other being for 3-month recent acquirers.

In the group that purchased a smartphone in the last three months, 43 percent of them were iOS devices. The number of Android owners remained the same at 48 percent.

The biggest decrease between the two groups was RIM, who had 12 percent of all smartphone users and only 5 percent for those who purchased a smartphone in the last three months.

Judging by this data, it seems that many Blackberry owners have made the jump to the iPhone in recent months while Android users have remained loyal.

But even though Android's number did not decrease, Apple's growth could be a potential threat for Google, who seems to have lost an edge over the company.

Apple's increase in market share can also be attributed to the iPhone 4S, which has been the highest selling iPhone device to date.

Apple can also thank RIM, who seems to have completely run out of ideas in order to reinvigorate the Blackberry line. Microsoft hoped to stake its claim on the market with Windows Phone, but that OS, along with anything other an Android and iOS, made up for less than 5 percent for anyone who purchased a smartphone in the past three months.