'Nightmare Nanny' Diane Stretton Speaks Out, Says She'll Move Out by July 4

(Photo: Twitter/Diane Stretton)Diane Stretton

The woman known as the "nightmare nanny" has finally agreed to leave the home where she has been squatting since March. Diane Stretton is speaking out and telling her side of the story, in which she claims that the family she was hired to work for mistreated her and she was in the right by staying in the home.

"I didn't get lunch breaks; I didn't get coffee breaks; I didn't get any holidays," Stretton told Los Angeles' KNX radio. "Basically, I was working 24/7. They were the ones trying to exploit me, as if I was some poor migrant worker from a foreign country that they could just exploit and work 24/7."

Stretton was initially hired to be a live-in nanny for Marcella Bracamonte, who claims that she fired Stretton a few months after she began working for her. However, Stretton claims that she quit. Later, a California judge issued a ruling siding with Stretton, which essentially gave her permission to remain at the residence. Police said that they could not force Stretton out without an eviction notice, which a judge refused to give.

"She has absolutely every right to stay in the house at this time," the Bracamontes' lawyer, Marc Cohen, told CNN. "Under the law in California (eviction) can take 30 to 45 days."

Right now, Stretton is living out of her car and all of her belongings are still in the Bracamontes' home. She has offered to officially move out over the holiday weekend, but that will not work for the family.

"We're going to a wedding," Marcella said; "it has been planned for a year. My sister is getting married on a cruise ship and we're going."

However, several of the family's in-laws will be there as Stretton moves her things out.

"She is a scam artist," Marcella told Fox News. "She said she'll only leave if the weather is cool then and it will take her three days to do it."