Nikki Bella News: Female Wrestling Superstar Admits John Cena Continues to Talk Her Out Of Wrestling

Facebook/Nikki BellaNikki Bella has revealed that John Cena wants her to quit wrestling.

This week's episode "Dancing with the Stars" had the female wrestling superstar Nikki Bella revealing that her would-be husband, wrestling icon John Cena, continues to dissuade her from engaging in the WWE (World Wrestling Entertainment) ring.

"Dancing with the Stars" ran an episode this week that featured dances of the contenders based on their most memorable year, and that meant 2016 for Bella as it was the year when she triumphed over an injury that almost rendered her paralyzed.

In the said episode, Bella's twin sister and fellow WWE female wrestler, Brie, revealed in a video that because of the injury, Bella suffered an unbearable pain and left her feet feeling numb. Despite the gravity of the injury, Bella proved that she was determined enough to rise above her circumstances. Hence, seven months later, she was back in the WWE ring and competing again.

In an interview following this week's "Dancing with the Stars" live show, Bella revealed that Cena continues to talk her out of wrestling. However, Bella refuses to cave into her fiance's persuasion as she believes that she still has a lot to offer as far as wrestling is concerned.

"Oh, yeah, he (Cena) still does. He is like, 'You have your health. Why continue? You've done everything you can as a WWE superstar.' But I don't believe that. There's so much more us females can do and I always want to be at the forefront of that," Bela shared.

While Bela refuses to quit from her stint as a female wrestler, she also admitted that she is aware that an injury can happen again. Although there are moments in her fight that leaves her naturally paranoid, she stressed that she now knows how to prevent an injury from happening again.

"I do put myself in positions that I shouldn't. But at the end of the day, I am a professional and so I know what I'm doing and I know how to stay safe," Bella said.

Bella had been experiencing neck injury since July 2015. After an MRI (Magnetic Resonance Imaging) procedure confirmed in October of the same year that she, indeed, had a neck injury, she finally underwent an operation in January 2016.