Nikki Haley Next Vice President or the Next Sarah Palin?

South Carolina Gov. Nikki Haley has called President Barack Obama a "bully," saying that he no longer represents his past mission of "hope and change." However despite her opposition to his campaign, she also expressed that she would be unwilling to fight at the forefront of the battle as Mitt Romney's Vice President hopeful.

Haley became the first female governor of South Carolina in 2011, endorsed by both Mitt Romney and Sarah Palin. Given her relationship with Romney, it was suspected that she could be a Vice President hopeful, but Haley was quick to say otherwise.

"I'd say, 'Thank you, but no. I made a promise to the people of this state. And I think that promise matters. And I intend to keep it," Haley told ABC News' "Nightline," appearing intent on serving her term. "The people of South Carolina gave me a chance. I have a job to do and I'm not going to leave my job for anything."

However, despite the assumption, others have said that Haley would not be a likely choice for Vice President to begin with. University of Virginia political scientist Larry Sabato suggested that if elected, she might even be the next Sarah Palin.

"Haley is not especially popular in the state, and her short stint in high office would look like Sarah Palin all over again," Sabato told The Post.

Although it could be likely that Haley would be Vice President material, her support for Romney has not changed, nor her dislike of President Obama's campaign.

Haley has criticized Obama's new campaign tactics, addressing his recent comments about the Senate approval of his health care plan and harsh opinion of Wisconsin Rep. Paul Ryan's Republican budget.

Haley told Fox news that she was amazed at what a "bully" Obama had become.

"Here was a man that came in with 'hope and change,' and now he's bullying his way," Haley said. "He's bullying his way on Paul Ryan, saying that he's not coming up with an adequate budget. Now he's bullying the Supreme Court, saying, 'No, they won't reverse this, they won't go against us on this.'"

"That's not how things work," Haley added. "He has to lead. He's shown no sort of leadership when it comes to balancing the budget. He's shown no leadership when it comes to allowing the states to do the will of the people. He continues to say no. To everything."