Nikon to Release Android-Powered Camera

Nikon could be releasing its first camera to run on Android 2.3, Gingerbread software, according to a report.

The point and shooter being called the Coolpix S800 will be based on Android 2.3 and have full access to the Google Play store thanks to a built-in Wi-Fi connection, according to Nikon Rumors.

It is also rumored to feature GPS for location tagging, and a 3.5-inch screen of a currently unknown resolution with a 25-250mm zoom lens.

The site did not know what kind of image sensor will come on the camera, but Nikons usually top out at 16-megapixels.

This new Coolpix S800c camera also popped up in a filing from an Indonesian Communication Agency. This does not prove the camera's existence, but what it does say is that a camera with this same name will eventually be released by the company. Android might not make it to the shooter when that time comes.

This Nikon Coolpix S800 is rumored to be debuting on Aug. 22.

Polaroid is also planning to release a camera that runs Android OS.

The company unveiled the shooter called the SC1630 at this year's Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas and it ran an unspecified version of Android at that time.

It was a 16-megapixel camera that featured a 3.2-inch screen, and also had access to the Android Market, now known as Google Play.

It could also play music, link up to Bluetooth allowing instant printing of pictures, and was made from "cheap and plastically" material, according to The Verge.

The technology site did not seem too excited about Polaroid's go at an Android-powered camera, also stating that its software ran slow and that its picture quality was not up to par with some of the finer smartphones in the market.