Nintendo 64 Controller Redesign Campaign Crowdfunded With 6 Times the Target Goal

(Photo: Retro Fighters)The redesigned Nintendo 64 controller by Retro Fighters.

The Nintendo 64 is making a comeback with a brand new design for the controller that will make the console look and function the way many gamers apparently have always wanted it to.

A team of Nintendo enthusiasts called the Retro Fighters started a Kickstarter campaign for a redesign of the widely ostracized controller to get rid of the three hand grips aka source of the criticism and improve its overall appearance.

They set a goal of $13,000 to make the Nintendo 64 controller redesign happen and it did not take long for contributions and backers to come flooding in.

The Kickstarter campaign was launched Aug. 10. Two days later, it already amassed, at the time of writing, a whopping $80,687 in donation.

This goes to show that many are indeed of the opinion that the Nintendo 64 controller's setup could be made better. After all, the console, as Videogamer pointed out, had a rich game catalog and was overall amazing save for the hideous-looking controller.

(Photo: Wikimedia Commons/Evan Amos)The original Nintendo 64 controller.

The three-pronged design will be no more after Retro Fighters is done with the Nintendo 64 controller and will be shipped with "next generation features and designs."

The redesigned Nintendo 64 controller will be more ergonomic and will offer "a new modern way to play" by, first and foremost, getting rid of the third hand grip in favor of a "very comfortable" shape that "fits naturally in both hands with easy access to all the buttons."

Speaking of which, the controller is also getting a more comfort-promising modern analog stick, slightly larger "C" buttons and a couple of "Z" buttons below the shoulder buttons.

A turbo button is also incorporated in the Retro Fighters Nintendo 64 controller to lend that "little extra help" and a D-pad with nonexistent "deadzone," which means no sensitivity of response issues.

To top it all off, the controller will also be compatible with the N64 Rumble Pak and memory cards. The contributions it received should be more than enough to fund limited edition color options.

The Retro Fighters Nintendo 64 controller will be priced at $20 and is estimated to be ready by November this year.