Nintendo NX News and Updates: Rumored Release Date and Price Tag; Hybrid Device to Feature 'Zelda' and 'Super Mario'?

Reuters/Fred ProuserNintendo's Wii U tablet is shown on a large video screen as it is used to play the video game ''Rayman Legends'' at the Ubisoft press briefing during the E3 game expo in Los Angeles, California June 4, 2012.

The mysterious Nintendo NX has long been anticipated by the excited Nintendo fans, yet the tech company still remains mum about the official release date. However, thanks to various rumors and reports, we now have an idea of when the device will be launched.

Rumored Release Date and Price Tag

There have been a lot of talks going around the rumor mill regarding the much-awaited Nintendo NX. The new console has been teased by the tech company to deliver a new and innovative gameplay experience in a familiar platform environment.

However, Nintendo still has not released any official word yet regarding the actual launch date of the console. Several rumors and reports remain optimistic though that the Nintendo NX will be released before the end of 2016. There are some that the most feasible release date would be as far back as March 2017.

As for the price, the Nintendo NX is predicted to tout a $299 price tag. This package is said to already include four game titles. If this were true, then the price range would not go far ahead of the latest gaming console from Nintendo, the Wii U. The latest console is currently priced similarly, with at least one game bundled with the platform.

New Gaming Environment

The Nintendo NX is said to support the VR platform, as well as various smartphones. The new gaming platform is said to introduce a new gameplay experience to its users. The Nintendo NX will be a hybrid of a portable gaming device and a home console. It will also not be replacing the Wii U or the Nintendo 3DS in the lineup, but will instead supplement them.

The unprecedented new technology from Nintendo aims to tie in the different and competing platforms that are currently saturating the gaming arena. The transformable console could easily solve the dilemma of many gamers that are torn between buying a portable or a home console. This innovation then practically lowers the cost of cross-platform gaming, having an all-in-one device for every need.

Other Details

The Nintendo NX aims to directly compete with the upcoming Xbox Project Scorpio and the upcoming PlayStation device. The console will be bundled with four game titles, whose titles have not been revealed as of yet. Early reports have stated that an upcoming "Zelda" game will be debuting on the Nintendo NX. There is also a high chance that a "Super Mario" title will make an appearance.

Demo units for the Nintendo NX will be distributed to the retail partners a month before its official release. There have been reports confirming the predicted price tag mentioned above, as well as the stock accessories included in the box.

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