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Nintendo Remastering Classic Wii Titles For Android in China

Nintendo Remastering Classic Wii Titles For Android in China

A screengrab from the game features trailer of Nintendo Wii U game “Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess HD.” | YouTube/ Nintendo UK

Nintendo is releasing remastered Wii games for the Nvidia Shield in China. The games will run via streaming through Nvidia's Geforce Now service and will be launched in tandem with the Android-powered tablet.

According to industry insider Daniel "ZhugeEX" Ahmad, Nvidia will be releasing the Shield Tablet with a small batch of remastered Wii titles. These include titles such as "Super Mario Galaxy," "Punch Out," "New Super Mario Brothers," and "The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess" all in full 1080p HD.

Ahmad's tweet also revealed the price point for the Shield which is CNY 1499, or just around $227. He also revealed that the tablet will also be able to run popular PC games, in addition to Wii titles.

While this is far from being an official announcement from Nintendo themselves, it's enough for fans to speculate that the Wii titles will come to Nintendo's own portable console, the Nintendo Switch, in full HD glory.

However, the revelation also complicates the idea that the Nvidia Shield is being used as a testing ground for any virtual console efforts on the Switch. The fact that HD versions of these games exist suggests that Nintendo has more plans for these titles other than just basic emulation.

The Switch is equipped with the Nvidia X1 system-on-a-chip, the same as the Shield which means that it is also capable of handling HD Wii ports. It should be simple for Nintendo to port these classic games to the Switch, finally giving fans the opportunity to relive the Wii days on the hybrid console.

Over the past few years, Nintendo has surprisingly slow in exploiting its massive catalog of classic games to its newer console opting instead to port existing games from other platforms. This is despite the fact that many of its classic titles are bestsellers and still maintain a significant fanbase.

Hopefully, the people at Nintendo utilize its classic titles by giving them a new life on the Switch. They are already on the right track especially after the discovery of a well-hidden copy of NES "Golf" on the console. All that's left to do now is continue doing the same thing.


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