Nintendo SNES Classic Mini Set for Christmas Release?

REUTERS/Beck Diefenbach"Super Mario World" is one of the classic games expected to be included in the SNES Classic Mini.

Fans are waiting for Nintendo's official announcement on when it will release the SNES Classic Mini.

According to US Gamer, the miniature version of the iconic 16-bit 'Super Nintendo Entertainment System' will likely be unveiled in time for Christmas this year. Specifically, the website posits that it will be made available on November, a year after the successful release of the NES Classic Mini.

The classic console was a big hit, packed with 30 games and retailed at around $60. Nintendo will reportedly want the SNES to be available as soon as possible, following the announcement that production of the NES has been discontinued.

Trusted Review reports that the SNES will be pre-loaded with a bundle of the best Nintendo games like "Zelda," "Super Mario World" and "Super Metroid." Other possible titles for the SNES may include classics like "Mega Man X" and the "Street Fighter" series. US Gamer posits that "Donkey Kong," "Contra III: The Alien War," "Super Ghouls 'n Ghosts" and "Final Fantasy IV, V or VI" may also be in the roster. Just like the NES, the SNES is expected to cost around $60.

If there is one thing that Nintendo should improve in the console, it is said to be the USB cable used in connecting it to any display via HDMI. According to the review, the cord in the NES Classic Mini was a bit too short. Without extensions, users needed to sit near the console to be able to play.

"One big problem we noted in our review of the NES Classic Mini was the incredibly short cable for its controllers. It meant needing to either sit right next to the console while playing, or moving the console to wherever you're sitting and using a very long HDMI cable and extension cord to plug in the console," Trusted Review stated.