Nintendo Switch Stock News: Units Expected To Be Available Again Via GameStop on March 22

Production of the Nintendo Switch reportedly set to double over the coming year
YouTube courtesy of NintendoMore Nintendo Switch units are expected to go on sale soon

The Nintendo Switch has received plenty of support from folks interested to learn more about its own take on game presentation, which has led to units being hard to come by. However, it appears there is good news for the people who are still looking to get this new gaming platform.

GameStop is reportedly set to replenish its stock of Switch units, and gamers who want to get their hands on these may want to visit their local stores this week.

According to a recent report from GameSpot, more units of the latest Nintendo gaming platform could be made available in stores on March 22.

Once again though, people who are planning to purchase the Switch will need to act quickly since the units are not expected to stay on store shelves for long, given how high the demand currently is for it.

Furthermore, the report adds that units of the Nintendo Switch cannot be reserved ahead of time, again due to the limited supply, so prospective buyers will really need to make it to stores as soon as they can.

Following this next restock, it is unclear when units of the gaming platform may again be made available should the ones in stores again be sold out.

For those gamers out there who want to get the Switch but will likely be unable to get one in time once they are back inside GameStop stores, they will be glad to know that more units are reportedly set to be produced over the next year.

In a recent report, The Wall Street Journal revealed that "Nintendo Co. has decided to at least double its planned production of the Switch console in the year ending March 2018."

Whether that directly translates to more units of the console making their way to stores sooner rather than later still remains to be seen, however, though gamers will likely be paying close attention to what happens next.

More news about the Nintendo Switch should be made available in the near future.