Nintendo Switch Portable Dock From Nyko Released

Facebook/Nintendo SwitchA promo image of the Nintendo Switch, as featured in the hybrid console's official Facebook page.

After showcasing a number of accessories for the Nintendo Switch at this year's Electronic Entertainment Expo, Nyko has slowly brought them to market. The latest product to be released by the manufacturer is a Portable Docking Kit and Boost Pak for the hybrid console which is now available for purchase.

Part of the appeal of Nintendo's newest console is its portability which more relevant than ever with many gamers' fast-paced lifestyle. However, the ability to take it everywhere and dropping it into its dock and play on the big screen has been mutually exclusive. Peripheral manufacturer Nyko has been creating some amazing accessories for the console which supplements its intrinsic features giving players more out of their Switch.

Nyko's dock puts an end to that with a more compact version of the standard Switch dock. It still retains the ability to charge and output to a TV while having really small footprint when compared to the factory Nintendo Switch dock.

Nyko's dock includes an HDMI cable and an AC adapter and features one USB 3.0 and two USB 2.0 ports on the rear. This allows owners to connect to a TV screen as well as charge their console and controllers, all at the same time. Even more good news is that Nyko's Portable Docking Kit is priced lower than Nintendo's version at $49.99.

For those who prefer to play on the go, the Boost Pak can extend their game time beyond the console's standard capacity. The pak features 2,500mAh battery that adds extra time and doesn't get in the way of things.

The console can still be docked as is the docking station. It can also receive a charge via an external USB Type-C adapter and has LEDs to indicate its charging status. Nintendo Switch owners interested in getting their hands in the Booster Pak can get it for $29.99.