Nintendo Wii U Release Date: Console Will Release in 2012, Says Nintendo

The Wii U console will be launched during the next fiscal year, gaming company, Nintendo announced on Friday.

According to PC Magazine, the new Nintendo console is expected to go on sale any time after April 2012, which is when the fiscal year begins.

Nintendo president, Satoru Iwata told PC Mag that the company is aiming to have a more successful launch for the Wii U than it had for its most recent predecessor, the Nintendo 3DS.

"Based on the bitter experiences we have had with the Nintendo 3DS, we are making every effort to prepare so that the Wii U will not stumble during its launch," said Nintendo president Satoru Iwata.

Iwata detailed that the final version of the Wii U will be on display at the E3 conference in Los Angeles, Calif. in June 2012.

PC Mag suggests that Nintendo will begin shipping the Wii U in accordance with the 2012 holiday season, as it has done for past launches.

The Wii U is said to have a similar box set up as the original Wii, but comes with a wireless tablet-like gamepad that is equipped with dual thumb-controlled joysticks and control buttons.

According to PC Mag, the tablet and main console can be used together to show games on a TV or the tablet can be used on its own.

Nintendo notes that a number of well-known titles will be released for the Wii U.