Nintendo's 'Wii U' Promises to Deliver New Level of Engaging Gameplay

It seems that Nintendo has integrated all of the popular latest technologies namely motion-control, touch screen display, video calling capabilities (front/rear cameras) into one neat and graceful gaming console they are calling the Wii U; that’s right Wii’s successor.

Unveiled earlier today at the Electronic Entertainment Expo known as “E3” that continues on till June 7 in Los Angeles, the Wii U, resembling a cross between an iPad and a conventional gaming controller, obtained positive reviews from various gaming experts.

Although several fans attested that the unveiling of Nintendo’s next-generation Wii did not blow them right away, most have come to a consensus that the new console, which is Nintendo’s first high-definition graphics-supporting console, will be a trend setter.

The Wii U brings innovation to the table by giving gamers the option to phase out game play from the TV and resume on the screen embedded controller that in essence is a portable device, but in reality does not run game information itself (requires the base console).

If you are not surprised so far and cannot come up with a special applicability for this new feature other than giving others some peace to watch their favorite shows on the plasma while you simultaneously play the games, then consider what N.Y Times video games critic, Seth Schiesel, had to say about the feature after having received the privilege by Nintendo to meddle with it.

“My initial verdict: Nintendo’s got another hit in its hands with the chance of shaking up electronic entertainment.”

After testing various Wii U games with titles such as “Battle Mii”, “Chase Mii”, Schiesel concluded that Nintendo had come up with new sorts of game play, engaging game play it seemed.

Although the title “Chase Mii” does remind us about the game “chase” something that doesn’t necessarily evoke new excitement, Nintendo’s display-embedded-controller gives the game a particularly interesting twist.

While other players use the screen to chase “it”, the pursued uses his hand-held display to evade the tag of his pursuers. In the end, you find all the players interacting to all sorts of information in an engaging and entertaining format that should produce the great interactivity the Wii console has always tried to achieve.

So far, Nintendo has not revealed a price tag for the much-hyped console which is expected to make its way into store shelves in 2012 starting from April.

Nintendo announced that the device would support old Nintendo games and that it was designed to entice not only hard-line gamers but new adepts as well.

With this launch, the gaming giant will try re-ignite its products sales which have lost market share to Sony’s PS3 and Microsoft Xbox in the previous years.