No Church for Us, Thanks

 What helps you grow in your faith? The Barna Group, a Christian polling organization, asked American adults that question. They listed prayer, family, friends, reading the Bible, even having children. But going to church did not crack the top-10 list.

Half of us (49 percent) say church attendance is "somewhat" or "very" important, but half (51 percent) say it is "not too" or "not at all" important. The younger we are, the worse the numbers get. Only two in 10 adults under the age of 30 believe church is important; more than a third take an anti-church stance.

Furthermore, the nature of church-going is changing. "Regular" attenders used to go to church three or more weekends every month. Now those who show up every four to six weeks consider themselves regular churchgoers. While 43 percent of those who attend church say they go "to be closer to God," 40 percent of those who don't attend say, "I find God elsewhere" and 35 percent claim that "church is not relevant to me personally."