'No Man's Sky' PC Mod Support To Be Added Soon?

Recent changes made to 'No Man's Sky's' SteamDB page may be possible clues that mod support is coming soon

Something seems to be in the works for "No Man's Sky," and according to some players, this potential addition could be something that changes the game significantly.

For those who may be unaware, the game's SteamDB page has been updated recently.

No Man's Sky official websiteIs official mod support the next new addition coming to 'No Man's Sky?'

Most recently, the listing for the space-faring title now features something in its history known as a "workshopdepot."

This little development did not go unnoticed, as fans over on Reddit almost immediately began to speculate about what it could be.

According to Redditor "MattFiler," the change to the SteamDB listing could be an indicator that the game will soon be utilizing the Steam Workshop.

The addition of official mod support could work wonders for "No Man's Sky."

The game's planets can serve as virtual playgrounds with modding tools added, allowing players to create interesting locales from what would otherwise be just barren stretches of land.

Unsurprisingly, rumors that the game could soon receive official mod support have excited the dedicated players, but there are some caveats to consider.

First, even if the PC port of the game receives modding tools, there's no guarantee that the PS4 version of it will get the same support as well. Modding and the PS4 haven't exactly gone hand-in-hand over the years, making it seem at least possible that many but not all players will receive the modding tools.

Furthermore, as iDigitalTimes pointed out, all the excitement over the SteamDB changes could ultimately be over little to nothing given that the website notes even just small tweaks.

For now, fans will just have to sit back and see how things play out when it comes to this mod support rumor, as the folks over at Hello Games have yet to hint at what specific new features are set to be added.

More news about the additions that may be coming to "No Man's Sky" should be made available soon.