No Need to Check-Out Library Book; Theological Seminary Students Given $14,000 Worth of Resources

Instead of having to check-out learning material at the library, Dallas Theological Seminary students this fall are being given theological resources valued at $14,000 thanks to a first-ever partnership between Logos Bible Software and the school.

Dallas Theological Seminary, one of the largest non-denominational evangelical seminaries in the world, is providing Logos Bible Software to all of its current students. DTS is underwriting this program through donor generosity and a small portion of the students' technology fee.

"This is an important story for the publishing world because it's one of the few cases that I know of where a university is not just providing access to electronic databases via a physical library or campus network connection, but is actually giving its student body a personal library of thousands of titles – virtually replacing the need to access the physical campus library for the majority of their work," said Logos' spokesperson Rich Tatum.

The partnership between DTS and Logos is dedicated to equipping lifelong learners around the world with the best tools and training available, states Logos.

Mark Bailey, president of Dallas Theological Seminary, said, "We are thrilled to partner with Logos to provide tools that will tether our students to the text of Scripture." Rather than requiring students to purchase Logos Bible Software on their own, this new partnership enables every student in every degree program and income level to have access to the best tools and resources.

"Seminaries like DTS want to stay true to their biblical and theological roots, while adapting to the radical changes happening to publishing and education," said Mark Yarbrough, vice president of academic affairs for DTS. "Logos enables us to give our students the best resources available for a lifetime of faithful ministry."

Students who graduate from DTS with a master's or doctoral degree will be able to keep the software package for life. "We're excited about this collaboration," said Bob Pritchett, president of Logos Bible Software. "Students at DTS have access to great resources, but when they graduate they have to leave behind those resources at the Turpin/Mosher Library. But now, with Logos Bible Software, graduating students will have a core library that stays with them throughout their life and ministry."

Dallas Theological Seminary is rolling out the software to more than 2,000 students throughout September 2013. This includes packages specifically designed for DTS' Chinese- and Spanish-speaking students. Logos representatives will visit the campus throughout the Fall semester to provide custom training. Students can use Logos Bible Software on their desktop and laptop computers, their mobile devices, and any computers with an Internet connection.

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