'No Pants Sunday' to Hit Cities Across America

“No pants” flash mobs are set to hit subways and public transits across the country on Sunday for what has become an annual “No Pants Sunday.”

In cities across the United States hundreds will take part in a movement that is not a protest or a nudist movement, but will see people seemingly going about their daily lives as normal, just with no pants on.

A group called “Improv Everywhere” was formed five years ago, and organized what involved a group of people gathering in a public venue for a common purpose. The group has taken to subways with just two core rules; to take off their pants, and act as normal as possible.

Some fellow passengers laugh at the image of groups of people wandering around with no pants on, others are more shocked, but generally the pantless flash mob have been left to go about their business as normal.

Organizers have asked that participators do not create any vulgar scenes so that the occasion becomes risqué, or breaks any laws of decency. Whether lines are crossed by the extreme flash mob, however, is a matter of opinion.

In videos of the event from 2011 various people can be seen on the metro with no pants on, causing strange looks and bewilderment among fellow commuters.

The event this year will hit New York, Denver, Boston, Georgia, Washington DC, Los Angeles among numerous other cities.

The video below shows highlights from 2011's No Pants Sunday: