'No Uterus, No Right to Talk About It!' Abortion Supporter in Burger King Shirt Violently Abuses Pro-Life Intern in Video

(Photo: Screen Grab via YouTube/createdequalfilms)

A video showing an intern for pro-life group Created Equal being physically and verbally abused in Columbus, Ohio, in a violent profanity-laced tirade by a woman dressed in a Burger King shirt has gone viral, and the group is now seeking prayers for her soul.

"On July 9 Created Equal's team downtown was met with verbal and physical abuse by one passerby. Please pray for this young woman," said the group on its YouTube account where they posted the disturbing video Wednesday.

Pro-life activist Seth Drayer, who is director of training at Created Equal and the youth minister at Trinity Evangelical church, told Fox News that he was the person behind the camera and that the intern being attacked in the video is named Ian.

The woman at the start of the video takes issue with a poster being displayed by Created Equal showing a fetus with well-formed physical features at 12 weeks.

"This is absolutely f**king lying, you f**king dips**t. That is not what a fetus looks like," said the woman pointing to the poster. "It's a clip of cells for 12 weeks, it does not look like that."


"No hands are shown during that time. You're just a white f**king privileged racist f**king male that doesn't stand for women's rights. Get the f**k outta here," she scream in his face before kicking down the poster.

She then turned to Drayer behind the camera and attempted to slap it away while telling him to get it out of her face at the same time. Drayer threatened to call the police and followed her as she knocked down another of the group's posters.

"You don't give a s**t about women and you don't give a s**t about life. All you are is a bunch of f**king a**holes," she said before she is shown screaming at Drayer: "No uterus, no right to talk about it. Understand me motherf**er?"

Local police say the woman was issued a summons to appear in court on misdemeanor charges of assault and criminal damaging, according to The Blaze.

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