Noah Cyrus Doesn't Want to Be Like Miley: Olympic Dreams and Justin Bieber Crush

Despite having a famous family, fame is not exactly what Noah Cyrus is looking for. Instead, the 13-year-old sister to Miley Cyrus has admitted that she has an Olympic dream- and maybe one about Justin Bieber.

Fame as a singer or celebrity can come later, according to Noah Cyrus. The 13-year-old has admitted that she wants to follow in her older sister's footsteps, but that sister is not Miley. Instead, Noah wants to be more like her eldest sister, Brandi, who is 25.

While sitting down for a recent interview with Teen Vogue, Noah explained that her current passion is for horses. She also has an Olympic dream.

"Right now, I'm really focused on riding horses and competing in shows about once, maybe twice, a month," she told the magazine, adding that it was Brandi who piqued her interest in the sport.

"I want to go to the Olympics for riding and then possibly become a trainer," she said, although celebrity in the future isn't completely out of the question. "Maybe I'll sing and act when I'm older, but right now, it's just about the horses."

Noah did admit that Miley has inspired her in other ways, however, although Miley isn't always the most generous older sister.

"There's this one Chanel purse in Miley's closet that I've always wanted," she told Teen Vogue. "I go over there all the time and am like, 'Can I just borrow it?' and she's like, 'No!' But I try."

The teen did add, though, that having a famous family does have its perks.

"Justin was my first love," the teen told the magazine.

"When I met Justin Bieber, I could barely speak. I was just going crazy inside," she recalled.

"It was at an awards show in Canada, and after he went and changed for his next set, I kind of stole his clothes. He doesn't know it yet," she admitted.

(PHOTO:Facebook/Noah Cyrus)