Nokia Lumia 928 Release Confirmed by Company

Nokia recently confirmed the release of the Lumia 928 smartphone.

The company released a teaser trailer for the device that shows the first official images of the flagship handset. Judging from the trailer, the 928 will put imaging capabilities front and center.

Nokia does not confirm the name of the new smartphone in the ad, however its URL is, which essentially solidifies the branding.

The Nokia 928 will be released on Verizon in May, according to a previous report.

"Later this quarter a new Lumia device is anticipated to have hero status with a leading U.S. carrier," said Nokia CEO Stephen Elop during last week's Nokia quarterly earnings call with the press. "It's a clear tease of things to come, the beginning of a season of new product introductions."

This carrier is believed to be Verizon Wireless, according to information provided in a separate Bloomberg report. Both Nokia and Verizon recently struck a deal that would make the carrier offer the new Nokia 928 sometime in the near future.

Verizon currently has scheduled a press conference to take place on May 22. This could be the place where the carrier plans to announce the Nokia device.

The handset is expected to be a thinner, more attractive version of the Lumia 920. It will lose the bulky plastic shell found on its predecessor and gain a new outer shell that is lighter and made out of aluminum. It will also be sold in various colors including black, white, cyan, and red.

Other rumored specifications for the 928 include a PureView camera and a 4.5-inch OLED display. The device will support LTE and simultaneous voice and LTE data connections. Nokia had originally intended to release the Nokia 928 this month, but changed the date in order to slightly update the device's operating system before launch.

The Nokia 928 will be the company's first ever flagship smartphone to be offered by Verizon Wireless. It will also help the popularity of the Lumia line in the U.S. with it launching on the nation's largest carrier.