Nokia to Release a 10-inch Windows 8 Tablet

Nokia plans on releasing a 10-inch Windows RT tablet in the near future. A new report leaked this week revealed some information on the tablet that will be named the Nokia Lumia 10.

The device is rumored to sport a similar display to the Microsoft Surface RT. It will also have USB and HDMI ports on it and will be compatible with several cellular networks.

AT&T is expected to be the first carrier to offer the 10-inch Nokia tablet since it already has exclusive rights to the Nokia Lumia 920 and 820 smartphones.

It will come with a 10.1-inch display and Nokia plans to offer a battery-equipped cover accessory with it. This special cover will envelop the device like a book and will click into place. It will also work as a keyboard and a kickstand for the tablet. Its built-in battery will provide the tablet with some extra juice once it runs low on energy.

The Verge also reported that Nokia will start out building a small number of tablets and will build a Windows 8 device later on. The company's first tablet is expected to run on an ARM chip with Microsoft's new Windows RT operating system.

The publication also reported that Nokia might be unveiling the new tablet as early as this year's Mobile World Congress, set to take place in Feb.

Nokia's head of design Marko Ahtisaari confirmed that the company would be releasing a tablet in the future as he stated that he has spent one third of his time working on it.

The 10-inch tablet market is arguably the hardest one to get into as it is currently dominated by Apple's iPad. Samsung and Google also released the impressive Nexus 10 this year which beats out the 4th generation iPad in many areas and costs $100 less.