Nokia X Series Pictures Leaked, Reveals Device's Appearance (PICTURE)

New pictures of what is believed to be a device from the Android-based Nokia X series leaked onto the internet this week.

The new line is expected to be unveiled at this year's Mobile World Congress in Barcelona, Spain. The phone in these photos closely resembles versions seen in leaked press renders. The UI is also the same and appears to be a custom Nokia build.

Not one Google app is listed on the tiles of any of the icons seen in the pictures. This could mean that Nokia is planning to push its own apps and services along with Microsoft's with Google versions being pushed to the side. Select Android apps could still be offered under these circumstances.

The Nokia X will most likely be marketed as an entry level device judging from is less than flashy appearance. Rumored specs for the handset include a Snapdragon 400 CPU, 512MB RAM, a 4-inch low-res display, 4GB storage, microSD, a 1500 mAh battery and a 5-megapixel camera.

The Nokia X is expected to be unveiled in just a few weeks. The device has already entered into production, according to a report from website NDTV.

NDTV credits a Hungarian for this information that claims the smartphone went into production in Nokia's Komarom plant just a few weeks ago. The site also suggested that the Nokia X will be released in multiple colors and that it will not feature any Google Services or the Play Store.

Nokia is said to be following in the footsteps of Amazon by creating its own customized software that interacts with the Android system very much like the Kindle Fire and its successors.