North Carolina Schools in Lockdown After Unexplained Shooting

Two schools in Fayetteville, N.C. were put under code-red lockdown after a young girl was shot in the neck Monday afternoon at Cape Fear High School.

Sheriff Earl Butler shared with reporters that 15-year-old Catilyn Abercrombie dropped to the ground as she was walking on a breezeway outside the school’s campus after a loud “pop” was heard. No one reported to have seen a gun, and the source of the bullet has not yet been found.

The student has been taken to the local hospital with a gun wound to her neck. Her condition has been reported as fair, and the bullet will be removed later this day. Abercrombie’s parents have been notified, although no arrests have been made and there are currently no known suspects.

Authorities now believe that the girl was struck by a stray bullet, possibly from a hunter in the area, or from a drive-by-shooting. There were two school officials near the student when she fell, but neither saw anyone approaching her or taking out any sort of weapon.

Both schools have been swept, but clues on the cause and potential perpetrator remain vague.

"No one has seen anyone on this campus with a gun," said Butler.

A manhunt has been launched around the area to make sure that the neighborhood is safe. Speculations surrounding the shooting also include a gang-related incident that occurred earlier in the month, but nothing has been confirmed.

Parents of the Cape Fear High School students have been told they will be unable to reach their children until the lock down on the school has been lifted.

Around 2:45 p.m. EST, students at the nearby Mac Williams Middle School, which was also placed under lockdown, were released. They were escorted out the area in buses by the Highway Patrol.