North West Baby Name Gets Kim and Kanye Mixed Reactions from Fans

Fans expressed mixed reactions to the news that Kim Kardashian and Kanye West decided to name their newborn girl North West

On Saturday Kardashian, 32, gave birth to the couple's first child naturally in Los Angeles. Although the newborn arrived five weeks early and weighed in at under five pounds, she is said to be in good health.

"That is not a name… that's a direction and if I were that baby, I would HATE them for humiliating me! For even thinking that's okay! lol Lord have mercy!!!one of's readers wrote.

West is reportedly gushing to family and friends that his daughter is "the most beautiful girl ever besides her mama," a source said and seems not to be concerned with outsiders' perceptions.

"So I'm assuming that North West won't be a One Direction fan?" @Lord_Voldemort7 wrote on Twitter.

"Make fun of Kim's name choice for North West if u want, but that baby is going straight to the top.. And slightly to the left," another Twitter user wrote.

While West is said to be strongly against making any money off of his daughter, his girlfriend Kardashian, who is paid to expose her private life on reality TV shows, is said to be open to the idea.

"I highly doubt Kim will just give it up for free, slim chance that's going to happen. If there's money to be made, she will make it and honestly, there's nothing wrong with that," the source said.