Northern Israel Hit With Three Rockets From Lebanon

Three rockets from Lebanon hit the northern part of Israel Tuesday for the first time in two years, according to The Associated Press.

In response to the attack, the Israeli military fired shots across the border to where the rockets came from. No casualties or major damage was reported.

UNIFIL, a branch of the United Nations responsible for keeping peace between the two sides, sent troops to the area to stop any further violence.

The commander of UNIFIL, Maj. Gen. Alberto Asarta Cuevas, said he has been in contact with officials in Lebanon and Israel.

"There is a need to act with restraint and the parties have reassured me of the continued commitment to maintain the cessation of hostilities," he told the AP.

UNIFIL enforced a cease-fire that ended the Lebanese-Israeli conflict in 2006.

Israeli officials do not believe Hezbollah was responsible for the attack and do not expect the incident to escalate into a larger cataclysm.

Hezbollah is not claiming to be responsible, but smaller military groups have fired rockets at Israel in the past. There have been eight rocket attacks on Israel since the 2006 conflict.

The incident comes as tensions are rising across the Middle East. Egypt, Tunisia, Yemen, and Syria are all going through bloody revolutions.

Over the past few weeks, reports coming out of Israel indicate the country is considering preemptive strikes on Iran's nuclear facilities. Iran responded and said they had 150,000 missiles pointed at Israel.

Iranian defense minister Brigadier General Ahmad Vahidi warned the United States, as well.

“The U.S. and its allies should know that Iran is so powerful that its battling will teach the U.S. how to fight and what war and warrior mean,” he said on Monday.