Norwegian Killer's Mother Dead: Anders Breivik Not Permitted to Attend Funeral

Anders Behring Breivik, the Norwegian man accused of killing 77 victims during a 2011 massacre, has been denied permission to attend his mother's funeral.

In an event titled the "Norway Massacre," Breivik killed 77 people by bombing a government building and then opening fire at a youth conference.

Following the incident, psychiatrist initially predicted that the man was insane while committing the crime. New evidence, however, has confirmed that Breivik was fully sane during the incident. Two psychiatrists, appointed by a court in Norway, conducted the report.

Breivik was imprisoned for a maximum 21 years last year. It was revealed on Saturday that Brevik had placed a request to attend his mother, Wenche Behring's, funeral. She died Friday at the age of 66 due to illness, according to the Associate Press.

Prison officials confirmed Tuesday to the NTB news agency that Brevik would not be permitted to attend the funeral. Brevik met with his mother earlier this month.

"He was allowed to say goodbye. They both knew it would be the final meeting," Tord Jordet told The Associated Press from the Ila Prison where Brevik is being held. "I spoke to him this morning. He was grieving. It was very sad news to him. "

Behring had testified in court that her son began to act particularly strange in 2010.

"I felt like I was in prison with him. He was uncomfortably intense," she said in a statement to police that was read out to the court. "He started saying I was a Marxist and a feminist. From 2010 he became really strange."

Defending his actions in court, Breivik accused the government of a Muslim takeover. Before his conviction last year, however, it was ruled that Breivik was not insane when committing the killings.