Not Just the Mike Bowling Group Anymore

The Mike Bowling Group, comprised of husband and wife team Mike and Kelly Bowling, have officially announced a name change to their group as well as the acquisition of an additional band member, Jeff Snyder.

The decision for the name change to “Mike and Kelly Bowling” came this week as a result of Kelly Bowling becoming a full time member of the group. The newest member, Snyder, has actually been with the group since November and will now be permanently singing at the tenor spot.

The wife’s decision to join full time is not a big surprise. Previously, the songstress sang with her brothers and sisters in the Crabb Family, but changed to her husband’s group this past October to spend more time with her two daughters and husband. She has toured and ministered with her husband since they met in 1998 though. It was only a matter of time for the two to become a permanent team.

The two are no strangers when it comes to awards. They have lent their voices to many top ranked Southern Gospel songs in their music careers. Together, the couple has impressive numbers, including three Grammy nominations, 11 Dove Awards, and 20 number one songs.

In addition to Kelly Bowling, the new commitment given to Snyder will strengthen the group. This young talent has studied music at God’s Bible College as well as gaining a large amount of biblical foundation by majoring in Theology at Kentucky Mountain Bible College.

On the group’s website, the tenor commented, “It is awesome to be a part of a ministry that shares the same values and goals. I feel like God has placed me in a position where He can use me in a way like never before.”

Continuing his role as piano and rounding off the group is Roy Collet.

Currently, the group has a single out called "There’s Power in the Name of Jesus." It is being broadcasted on radio stations around the country. Additionally, the newly solidified group is in pre-production for their next album.

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