Apple Triple Dose: Novel Mac OS X Lion, Faster Macbook Air, Powerful Mac Mini

Mac users got a triple dose of Apple products on Wednesday as the new Mac OS, code-named Lion, for desktop and laptops was launched together with a faster Macbook Air and a classy and ultra-compatible desktop, the Mac Mini.

Apple's newest operating system, OS X Lion, is so far raking in good reviews for its more than 250 new features, including a set of "gestures" executed on the track pad that runs commands and promises to make the computing experience more practical.

Another attractive factor is the fact that Apple seems to have gone through a painstaking effort while developing this new OS to ensure your machine on an Intel core duo, now running the new X Lion, will at least be as fast as it was before the operating system upgrade.

Also, Apple with the OS X Lion says goodbye to boxes carrying CD installation drivers. The software is available in the Mac App Store for downloads and has a $30.00 price tag.

Downloading may take some time, but according to Apple's Senior Vice President Phillip Schiller, "Lion makes upgrading a Mac easier than ever before. Just launch the Mac App Store, buy Lion with your iTunes account, and the download, and the install process will begin automatically," making it more appealing to consumers that prefer avoiding the hassle.

Also a highlight on Wednesday was the ultra-thin laptop in its second version, the Macbook Air.

The laptop got upgrades in processor speed, the addition of a Thunderbolt data and display technology (able to carry I/O data at amazingly high speeds), and finally the much anticipated back-light keyboard.

The MacBook Air is available in an 11-inch or 13-inch model and prices start at $999 for the former and $1,299 for the latter.

A more powerful Mac Mini also made its debut with next-gen Intel core processors, Thunderbolt I/O connection and the new OS X Lion, available in three configurations with prices at $599, $799, and $999, depending on the processor and memory capacity.