NOVO Ink Releases 'Crazy Love' as First Enhanced eBook

David C Cook and the new Christian eBook publisher NOVO Ink have partnered up together to develop an enhanced version of popular eBooks.

"NOVO Ink is thrilled to be working with Cook on this powerful resource," says President and CEO Devlin Donaldson.

A faith-based company, NOVO Ink (literally meaning "new ink,") is proud to announce that their first enhanced release will be New York Times bestseller Crazy Love by Francis Chan.

Ryan Dunham, senior vice president of sales and marketing for David C Cook, a leading nonprofit global resource provider serving the Church with life transforming materials, said the e-version of Crazy Love will be "completely different from other enhanced eBooks today."

The enhanced edition of Crazy Love will allow the reader to read the book to its full potential, like it was meant to be read. For those who are familiar with the book, they may recall that the book often refers back to websites and videos that required the reader to pause for some minutes while trying to gather the information on a computer.

With the eBook, available for iPads and any computer, and with Zinio technology, the High Definition Full Color reader, each person will have the opportunity to experience the 2008 release and future titles added to the library in a more interactive way.

Along with high definition color display, the enhanced eBooks feature audio and video embedded directly into the pages, animation, clipping capabilities, social media connectivity, multiple navigational choices, thumbnail views, special zoom, search, and page turning technologies.

Readers also have the option of printing book pages, highlighting sentences, and writing notes wherever they want to on a page.

Dunham highlighted that the eBook "allow[s] deeper insight than the printed copy; the reader feels as if they are getting an opportunity to personally engage with Francis himself."

NOVO Ink is currently planning on releasing at least 10 enhanced books by June. A representative from the company, Bryan Cole, told The Christian Post, "It is a move that you will start seeing everywhere. We want to give the reader a great experience."

Although no comments were given by Chan, the former pastor of Cornerstone Community Church in Simi Valley, Calif., sources say he had a cool and mellow reaction to the idea of having an enhanced version of his book.

A good portion of the proceeds from the printed copy of his book have gone to charities. There is no word as to what Chan plans to do with the eBook's new income.