NRB Network Launches Programs to Wake Up, Equip Christians in Post-9/11 World

As the world remembers the tragedy that struck the Twin Towers in New York City eleven years ago today, the National Religious Broadcasters (NRB) Network has launched a special 9/11 program and a new series that seek to renew Christians' faith in Christ and educate them on the importance of love for their Muslim neighbors.

The first program, "A Wake Up Call for God's People," is a two-hour special airing Tuesday, Sept. 11 at 8 p.m. and midnight ET and hosted by evangelist Anne Graham Lotz, the daughter of famed preacher Billy Graham.

According to a press release by the NRB Network, in this special program Lotz will speak on the importance of Christians "waking up" to God's word after the 9/11 tragedy, which took the lives of 3,000 innocent victims.

"On September 11, 2001, America was attacked. I believe it was an alarm that God allowed to wake us up in our relationship with Him! But many of us slept through the alarm," Lotz told The Christian Post via email Tuesday.

"I believe the alarms are still going off in our world…and many of us are still sleeping. It's 5 minutes to midnight on the clock of human history and it's time for God's people to wake up," added Lotz, who published last year a book on the same theme -- Expecting to See Jesus: A Wake-Up Call for God's People.

Lotz previously told The Christian Post that she believes that the Second Coming of Jesus Christ will come during her lifetime. She was born in May of 1948, the same month and year as the state of Israel.

"My prayer is that we will stop sleeping and give God our full attention, which is the purpose of 'A Wake-Up Call,' a special broadcast on Tuesday, 9/11," Lotz added.

The second program to be broadcasted by the NRB is "Dare to Love," a new weekly series airing Thursdays at 6:30 p.m. ET.

"Dare to Love," which will be hosted by Samya Johnson, a Christian who was raised Muslim, seeks to "educate and equip Christian viewers with practical tools about the true religion of Islam, how to love and reach Muslims by teaching apologetics in a simple language."

According to an email statement from the Call of Love Ministries, which organizes the program, the method of the series is to use interviews, documentaries, and testimonies to teach "the truth about Islam in a friendly, non-threatening, objective manner [and highlight the] importance of the Great Commission to everyone, including Muslims, using biblical truths."

"A Wake Up Call for God's People" and "Dare to Love" can be viewed on the NRB Network via DIRECTV channel 378, SkyAngel channel 181, or online at, as well as on select local affiliates.