N'SYNC Reunion Tour Rumors Squashed

Fans of the popular 90s boy band N'SYNC will be devastated to find that the band will not be reuniting, and in fact, is done forever, according to former band member J.C. Chasez.

Rumors of a possible reunion tour, which have been sparked numerous times in the years following N'SYNC's disbandment, resurfaced earlier this year when it was revealed that the band reunited in early October for former member Chris Kirkpatrick's 40th birthday bash in Miami, Fla. It was the first time that all five members were together in six years, offering fans a glimmer of hope that a reunion tour might be in the making.

"N'SYNC is not going to reunite again," Chasez recently told TMZ. "We're all done with that. Completely done."

When former boy bands the Backstreet Boys and New Kids on the Block announced a collaborative national reunion tour for 2011, many thought that N'SYNC might follow suit.

However, former band member Lance Bass quickly silenced the rumors, saying that Justin Timberlake's demanding schedule made the possibility of a reunion unlikely.

"I don't see that coming anytime soon," Bass told E! Online backstage at the 2010 American Music Awards. "Justin's very busy with his acting career right now, so I think it's going to be quite a while before we even think about doing anything."

Chasez has always remained adamant that N'SYNC is done for good.

"We're all happy doing what we're doing now," he told Hollyscoop.com at this year's MTV Music Video Awards. "I think what we did worked for a time that we did it in, and we've all moved on in our lives and are excited about different things now. The reason you perform is to bring something exciting and new to the table, that's the thing that inspires you...I don't really know how it would benefit us to move backwards."