Nude Movie Actress to Be Ordained as Pastor

A Nigerian actress who starred in a number of risqué movies has become a born again Christian, and even plans to move into priesthood by Easter.

Eucharia Anunobi’s acting roles have been the subject of much scrutiny in the past, as they included provocative subject matter and nudity. Her decision to leave this lifestyle behind so that she can join the church has left even her close friends wondering why, reported. Her conversion, however, is fact – she admits so herself:

“I didn’t just start to serve God now; I have always been serving God. I have given my life to Christ for the past 15 years of my life; I took an altar call,” the actress shared in a previous piece by the online publication.

Addressing her controversial career, she said: “The entire life that I have lived as a movie star has been spent doing the work of God. I’ve been using my roles to serve God.

“I might have acted some negative roles that I had been asked to play but I believe God, giving me fame, was preparing me to use that fame someday for His service.

“There were some things that one must have done in the past as a youth which is called youthful exuberance and which I can no longer do at this stage. Even as a Christian, once in a while, one has one or two failings.”

The actress said she still regrets some things about her past, such as a particular revealing dress she wore once for an event, but said that she prays every day to God to protect her from failing in the future.

She revealed that she plans on continuing acting, but her roles will change.

“I will no longer act any role which does not have any Godly message to pass. I won’t play a role just for the sake of glorifying moral decadence.”

Some have suggested that her turn to God might be the result of her child Raymond, developing sickle cell anemia, but others have said she should not be confused for her movie characters, and affirm her statement that she has served God for a long time.

Anunobi was anointed on Dec. 18, 2011 at Fresh Oil Ministry, Egbeda, Lagos, and now plans on joining the ministry as a pastor when she is ordained on Easter 2012. According to the site, she has already been preaching to the congregation and sharing her story.