Nun in Hit-and-Run Forgives Driver, Says God Wanted Her to Slow Down

An 89-year-old nun was the victim of a hit-and-run but has forgiven the person who hit her and believes that it was all part of God's plan for her life. A passing driver came to Sister Viola Lausier's aide, and now the two are good friends.

Last month Lausier was on her way to run errands for the Saint Andrew Home, where she has been the finance director for 30 years, when she stepped into the street and was struck by a driver who kept on driving, never even checking to see if she was okay. Timothy Pilz, 25, was driving on the same road and noticed Lausier, so he stopped to help.

"I watched cars drive by," Pilz told the Portland Press Herald. "I don't think I did anything more than a normal human with a heart would have done. She's moved on. Everybody else should. That's what she wants," he added.

Police are still investigating the case and hope to find the driver of the vehicle that struck Lausier, even though the Sister does not want them to continue.

"I said, 'I think you should drop it. You have so many other things to do,'" Lausier said.

Thankfully, she doesn't remember much about the accident.

"I was under shock, so I was doing well," she explained. "I think He [God] wanted me to slow down," she joked. "There's always people what come at the right time to help. I really think that's good," she told WMTW News.

Lausier is recovering at St. Joseph's Convent, a housing complex and nursing home facility specifically for nuns. She has not let the accident take away her giving attitude or her gratitude for God's blessings. Friends and strangers have sent get-well cards to the nun and offered their prayers and encouragement.

"Sometimes I take it and read them again," Lausier bragged. "It fills my heart with gratitude."