NYC Homicide Suspect Caught in TX Trying to Flee to Mexico

A man suspected of killing three people in New York City was arrested in Texas early Tuesday after his wife and two young daughters were found stabbed to death Sunday night.

Miguel Mejia-Ramos, 28, was captured by Texas State Troopers and the U.S. Marshals at a vehicle roadblock in Schulenburg, a small city located halfway between Houston and San Antonio, according to the NYPD.

The bodies of Mejia-Ramos' wife, 21-year-old Deisy Garcia, and his two daughters, 1-year-old Yaslin Mejia and 2-year-old Daniela Mejia, were found in a bedroom of their Queens apartment by other people living in the apartment.

The victims had been stabbed multiple times, according to AP.

Sources close to the case told the New York Daily News that investigators were able to track Mejia down after the suspect used his cell phone to make numerous calls in Texas to Mexico, where his is from.

On Monday night, the victims' family held a memorial service for the three victims.

"There are no words that I can explain for the pain I'm going through," Luz Mina, Garcia's mother, told the New York Daily News. "I always told her to leave him. She said, 'I can't because I have two daughters and he's bringing the money home.'"

Local reports indicate that the victims were found by a cousin of the victim who found the bodies next to one another on a bed covered by a blanket.

"He opened the door and he sees my niece on the floor," Romeo Chuc, 37, told the Daily News. "I don't understand what happened."

Chuc was reportedly one of eight relatives who shared the two-bedroom apartment.

The NYPD reportedly investigated two domestic violence cases involving Mejia-Ramos and his wife. Family members stated that Mejia-Ramos was an abusive husband who allegedly assaulted Garcia's once during a baby shower.