O'Reilly Accuses Kan. Governor of Protecting Illegal Abortionist

Bill O'Reilly, conservative talk show host of "The O'Reilly Factor," has accused Kansas's governor of protecting an abortionist who is allegedly providing illegal abortions.

The attack Wednesday night on Gov. Kathleen Sebelius was over abortionist George R. Tiller, who O'Reilly quoted as "Tiller the Baby Killer." O'Reilly questioned the governor's actions regarding an abortion bill last week.

"How the governor sleeps at night is beyond me," noted the host.

The bill, which the governor vetoed last Monday, would have required all abortion clinics to give detailed explanations to the government about the medical reasons why their abortions were performed.

According to Kansas state law, abortions cannot occur without a reasonable medical motive. Names of the women stay confidential while only the procedure is reported.

Tiller has been accused several times in the past of performing illegal late-term abortions that do not meet proper medical concerns and being vague about why the abortions were performed. The new bill would force him to give specific reasons for aborting a viable fetus, thus exposing his corrupt practices, according to pro-life groups.

"Now America is a great country, but this kind of barbaric display in Kansas diminishes our entire nation," explained O'Reilly. "Tiller has killed thousands, thousands of late term fetuses without explanation."

The television show host was very blunt about his position with the Kansas governor, and criticized her veto of the bill.

"Some Kansas politicians want to stop the madness," voiced the conservative, "but incredibly Gov. Kathleen Sebelius is protecting Tiller, citing 'privacy.'"

Two other people critical of Tiller and the recent veto spoke on the show - one a pre-recorded interview while the other was live.

The first was a woman, Kelly, who had received an abortion from Tiller. She described how the doctor had injected saline into her amniotic sac, which ended up "suffocating and burning her baby to death." She then described how she was taken to a toilet and was told to purge her aborted fetus into the receptacle. The woman expressed that she was "haunted by the decision to this day."

The live guest to the show was Kansas State Rep. Ben Hodge (R), who also expressed his disagreement with the governor's veto and said that it was a "disgrace" to their home state.

"I think at times in American history there will be times when branches of government fail the people and I think this is one of those times," commented Hodge.

Since the program aired, several anti-abortion groups have voiced their support for O'Reilly and the recent segment. One group, Operation Rescue, has been trying to stop the Tiller abortion clinic for years.

"O'Reilly's remarks underscore what our own research and work has revealed about the web of corruption that surrounds and protects Tiller," said Troy Newman, president of Operation Rescue, in a statement. "Because women come from every state to abort late-term babies at Tiller's Wichita abortion mill, this is a national problem. We pray that the national exposure O'Reilly brings to this scandal will force the people of Kansas to begin taking meaningful action to clean up governmental corruption and bring Tiller to a court where he can be held accountable under the law as soon as possible."

At the end of the show, O'Reilly also revealed a document which contained a list of contributions that Tiller had given to the Sebelius campaign since 1994.

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