Obama Apartment for Rent $2,400: Original Cost Was $360 (PHOTOS)

Living like the President of the United States is now is your opportunity – for only $2,400 a month.

Those eager to know what it's like to live like President Obama may be in luck, as an apartment that he once rented has popped up on the market. The only catch is that curious dwellers will have to live as Obama once did before he became president; the fine print being that White House staff is not included in the offer.

Situated in the Upper West Side at 109th street, the humble abode was home to President Obama while he attended Columbia University. A two bedroom pre-war apartment, Obama split the space with one other roommate during the 1980s. Unfortunately renters may not get quite the same deal that Obama struck some 30 years ago.

The current asking price is $2,400 a month- a large price hike from the $360 that Obama originally paid- but the space has has "plenty of charm" according to CitiHabitat, the real estate company responsible for the rental.

"Fully renovated with lots of charm - including exposed brick, high ceilings, a marble bath and hardwood floors," the rental description states. "The apartment also features a galley kitchen, generous closet space, and best of all, its unbeatable dinner conversation!"

Other spaces appeared to be going for the same rate, so apparently living like the president isn't actually much of a selling point.

Broker Zak Kneider of CitiHabitats disagrees.

"I think it'll go very quickly actually," Kneider told ABC News. "The amount of calls is just amazing."

A quick sale might even attest to the popularity of the president. For some, the fact that Obama once lived there is a bit of a drawback.

"I specifically remember Obama vividly describing how dingy his NYC apt was in Dreams from my Father," Veritas88 said on the Huffington Post blog. "So, this place would really only be worth $1900 per month because Obama lived there."