Obama Christmas Tree: First Lady, Daughters Receive 18.5-foot Douglas Fir (VIDEO)

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(PHOTO) Reuters/Jason ReedThe Obamas welcome the White House Christmas tree

First Lady Michelle Obama and daughters Sasha and Malia received a special delivery at the White House on Friday: an 18.5 ft Christmas tree.

The First family, including dogs Sunny and Bo but minus President Obama, welcomed the Douglas fir, which was grown in Pennsylvania, at 11 a.m. in the North Portico.

"We're honored to have it," Mrs. Obama said Friday during a brief ceremony. "This is the best part of the holiday season when our tree comes."

Dressed in long coats and looking seemingly pleased, the Obama family took the time to check out the tree, which arrived on a horse-drawn carriage. At one point Mrs. Obama sniffed the pine scent and noted that it was Sunny's first Christmas tree arrival.

"It looks good. It looks beautiful... This year we're going to decorate it with photos of military homecomings," she told Ladies Home Journal.

Since 1961 the White House Christmas tree has had a themed motif at the discretion of the First Lady.

The tree was presented by Christopher Botek and Kyra Yurko of the Christmas Spring Tree Farm in Leighton, PA and John as well as Leslie Wyckoff of the Wyckoff's Christmas Tree Farm in Belvidere, NJ.

The tree, which is the official indoor White House Christmas tree, will stand in the Blue Room. It is one of four Christmas trees that will be displayed in the White House during the holidays.

The National Christmas Tree Association has presented the official White House Christmas tree since 1966.