Obama Daughters' School Evacuated: A Threat Against the First Family?

President Obama had a bit of a scare today when it was announced that his daughters' school had been evacuated due to a "suspicious phone call." Some are wondering whether it is part of a larger plot to threaten or intimidate the Obama family in light of the recent debates.

"This is an emergency message from Sidwell Friends School. Due to a suspicious phone call, the buildings on the Wisconsin Avenue campus have been evacuated. We will notify you when further information is available," read the message sent to parents and faculty this morning.

Both of President Obama's daughters, Sasha and Malia, attend the prestigious school. They were given the all-clear signal within half an hour and students were allowed to return to campus. Authorities swept through the campus in order to check for possible threats, but found nothing.

"As reported earlier, the School received a suspicious phone call and evacuated the buildings on the Wisconsin Avenue campus. After an investigation by law enforcement officials, it was determined that students were not at risk. They have returned to class," the second message from Sidwell read.

The Secret Service protecting Malia and Sasha aided in the investigation and made sure that the girls were properly attended to during the evacuation. While the Secret Service has said that there was no evidence the Obamas were the target of the threat, several have posed the question as to the timing of the threat and the intensity of this week's debate.

"I hope everyone is safe, and I'll bet my life that this was an attempt to 'scare' the First Family into having second thoughts about a second term. Disgraceful," commented Rhonda Williams Dunn on Politico.com.

"A threat that, considering the rabidly divided political atmosphere in this country, must be taken seriously," noted Sherman Crockett, also on Politico.com.

"We are aware of the threat and are monitoring the situation, which is being handled by MPD," Secret Service spokesman Ed Donovan told Politico.com.