Obama 'Just a Prop' for 4 Years: Critics Attack President After Speech

President Obama has announced the he is no longer "relevant" to his campaign in an attempt to emphasize that the game now lies in voter's hands.

Barack Obama referred to himself and his campaign manager, David Plouffe as mere props in the coming presidential election. The statement was to reiterate to a speech that he had made the night before and was meant to emphasize the important role of voters. But for some, the idea failed to resonate in the way that the president may have intended.

"I looked at David Plouffe and some of you know he's my big campaign bus smart guy, Plouffe and I looked at each other and we said you know what? We're no longer relevant now, we're props," Obama told a crowd of 14,000 whot stood outside the Concord state capitol building in New Hampshire.

The statement was later used to suggest that Obama was not a formidable presence within the campaign; some added that he had been a prop for the past for years. But according to the president, voter control is "how democracy works."

"It's now up to you," he continued in the speech. "That's how a democracy works, right? That ultimately, it's up to you. You have the power. You are shaping the decisions for this country for decades to come. Right now. In the next two days."

But Obama opponents were still quick to lay into the idea that Obama referred to himself as prop.

"Actually, I would like to say finally he admits it but I really do think the massive failure of the last 4 years can be laid directly at his feet," one user wrote on the CNN blog.

"Obama never brought in the new blood that he promised with his 'hope and change,'" a second user added. "Just a tool for the powerful,"

Former President Bill Clinton addressed such comments, by stating that it could have been much worse had Obama not been in office.

"We've made real progress," Clinton told the masses outside the State House in Concord. "Compared to what could have happened, Barack Obama has done a good job … With a tough hand, he has done a good job."