Obama Says Michelle 'Could Be President' But Won't Run for Office

President Barack Obama is currently on the campaign trail for the upcoming 2012 presidential elections in November and recently answered questions about the possibility of his wife one day taking over the Oval Office as the head of state.

Obama, 44th president of the United States of America, called into the EZ Street Radio show following a campaign speech in Woodbridge, Va., where he spoke about the possibility of his wife one day becoming a president of the United States of America.

"She definitely could be the president but she will never run for the presidency because she's got too much sense. Her focus is on her kids and the work that she's doing around the country to help make sure kids are eating right and getting exercise," Obama told the EZ Street Radio host. "And you know she's an incredible person and an incredible talent but uh politics is not her thing. She's happy to support me and she thinks that the work I'm doing is important."

Both Obama and his wife appeared on "The View" Tuesday where one of the four hosts on the show, Barbara Walters, also wondered if the first lady should run for president one day.

"Look, I mean Michelle would be terrific, but temperamentally I just don't think that's something she--" the president began to say amid laughter from the studio audience.

However, his wife chimed in to echo Obama's sentiments.

"No, it's absolutely true," Michelle Obama told "The View" audience. "It takes a lot of patience to be the President of the United States and I'm not that patient. You know, I am not."

Obama and his competitor Mitt Romney have been on the campaign trail around the country recently, and will face off in their official presidential debates next month.