Obama: The Puzzle of Military Action in Syria

 President Obama's Syria quandary is like a man possessing a puzzle-piece without the puzzle. He holds the fragment in his hand, but, lacking the view of the whole, does not know what to do with it.

Shall we bomb now that Assad has used poisoned gas? If we do bomb, what then? Shall we discover, as we did after the invasion of Iraq and its woeful expenditure of human life, that we were mistaken about the WMDs but maybe it was a good idea to invade anyway?

Those pesky WMDs are popping up in current Syria-talk. To paraphrase Reagan, "There you go again."
We are assured the bombing of key Assad military sites will be the limit. But will we find ourselves in a deep crater of our own doing, unable to climb out of yet another Middle East morass?

This is where the whole puzzle, a coherent foreign policy, becomes so important. Without the big picture there is only randomness. Drop a bomb here, launch a Drone there.

"Sanity is not prevailing today," says Egyptian-born Michael Youssef. "Americans who are treating this crisis with a ho-hum approach… need to understand we could be facing a catastrophic event."

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