Obamacare Starts in 2014, But Majority of Americans Oppose Affordable Care Act (VIDEO)

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(Photo: Reuters: Joshua Roberts)Sign held by protester in front of the Supreme Court after the court upheld the individual mandate of the Affordable Care Act, June 28, 2012.

Obamacare starts in 2014, however, it has now been revealed that a majority of Americans oppose the Affordable Care Act, which was passed in 2010.

With Obamacare private health insurance will become a requirement for all employed U.S. citizens. However, according to a new CNN-ORC Intl poll released this week, 54 percent of Americans do not want Obamacare implemented.

The CNN poll was conducted by ORC International, and surveyed 923 adults in the United States by phone on May 17 and 18.

The survey revealed that 35 percent of Americans were opposed to Obamacare because it is too liberal, and a further 16 percent opposed it but this time because they felt it was not liberal enough.

Just 16 percent Republican-leaning respondents said they favored Obamacare, which stands in stark contrast to Democratic-leaning respondents with nearly three-quarters backing government-controlled health care.

Obamacare requires most American citizens to obtain health insurance. It will expand the availability of coverage by expanding Medicaid eligibility and will require that large employers provide coverage to their employees.

CNN polling director Keating Holland explained the results of the recent poll, stating: "A majority of younger Americans favor the new health care law; support among other age groups falls as low as 31 percent among senior citizens. Only a third of whites support the law, compared to six in 10 nonwhites. Obamacare also wins majority support in urban areas and in the Northeast, the bluest region of the country."

Holland added that one of the major issues right now is that health insurance companies "don't know what their costs will be next year. So they're guessing. They're guessing who will enter the exchanges. They're guessing who will choose to buy their coverage. They're guessing whether healthy, young people will obey the individual mandate or pay the penalty. They're guessing what price they'll need to be competitive against other insurers, given differences in the networks, benefits, etc. But as they'll admit to you with a bit of anxiety, they really are just guessing."