Obama's Dream Super Power is Language - The Ability to Speak to Anyone

President Barack Obama's dream super power would be the "power of language." The president gave an interview with KOB-FM in Albuquerque, N.M. recently where he revealed his desire to have the ability to speak any language in the world.

The interview, which aired for the first time on Friday, discussed numerous unique topics and allowed Obama to share information about his favorite music as well as his favorite restaurants in his hometown of Chicago.

Obama explained his desire for the super power of language by saying he was a "big believer in making connections with people."

However, he admitted that as a super power it perhaps wasn't what most would choose and that "it might not come in handy to rescue folks from a burning building."

The president admitted to loving Beyonce's famous track "Crazy in Love," and he explained that song helps to get his "heart rate up."

Other music on his radar includes Stevie Wonder, Jay-Z, and Earth Wind and Fire.

The interview comes after Obama spent time on Monday visiting the Iowa State Fair in Des Moines. However, it was reported that the security checks required during the president's visit resulted in a drop in customers for some of the stalls.

One tent owner, Mike Cunningham, mentioned the drop in his customers when the president visited. That sparked sympathy from the president who then shouted out to everyone that they should help out.

"Hey, everybody who is over 21, you've got to buy a beer," Obama announced to the crowd. "Alright? You gotta get a beer."

One member of the crowd, however, was quick with a witty rebuttal.

"Is it on you?" he asked.

"Let me see how much I got in my wallet," Obama responded.

"We're stimulating the economy today!" Cunningham replied.