Obese Teen Cut From Home Weighs 835 Pounds

An obese teenager in London had to be cut from her home on Friday, as emergency workers needed to transport the teen to a local hospital. The 19-year-old weighs approximately 835 pounds and had not been outside in three years.

Georgia Davis was once named "Britain's fattest teen" and on Friday was removed from her home to receive medical care. Approximately 40 people were on-hand to assist in Davis' removal and transportation, according to the Daily Post.

It took almost eight hours for them to free Davis from her home.

The Welsh Ambulance Service noted that it had used a "bariatric ambulance," which is specially designed to transport obese patients, and issued a statement.

"At 9:31 a.m. on May 24, all agencies, including Rhondda Cynon Taf council's Emergency Planning and Social Services Team returned along with a number of specialist teams from South Wales Fire and Rescue Service and a scaffolding company to secure the removal of an area of the premises. Upon assessment, the decision was made to remove a female from the premises."

Davis was taken to Prince Charles Hospital in South Wales, where she has been put on a special diet. She currently suffers from a number of ailments related to her weight, including kidney failure, diabetes, and joint pain. Davis is listed as in stable condition after being treated for bleeding sores all over her body.

"It breaks my heart. She was in so much pain," her father Arthur Treloar told The Sun. "It breaks my heart to think of what poor Georgia has been through. She has been gaining weight steadily ever since she returned from fat camp in America. But over the last two or three weeks she was finding it harder and harder to stay mobile."

"Georgia had been in terrible pain for a long time, but as usual she was trying to protect me and her mum so she kept it from us. But when she couldn't get downstairs, she had to finally confess. Georgia was so distressed leaving the house in that way. Her bedroom has been her sanctuary for months," he added.