Octavia Spencer's Golden Globe Award Speech Makes Domestic Workers Proud

Octavia Spencer’s Golden Globe award acceptance speech touched domestic workers around the country.

Spencer, who won Best Performance by an Actress in a Supporting Role in a Motion Picture for her acting in “The Help” made sure to include domestic workers and Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. in her speech.

“With regard to domestics in this country, Dr. Martin Luther King said it best," Spencer said. "All labor that uplifts dignity in this country is worthwhile.”

On Monday, the National Domestic Workers Alliance spoke about the significance of being mentioned in Spencer’s speech. Ai-jen Poo, co-founder and director of the alliance, spoke about witnessing the speech and its impact on domestic workers.

“Domestic workers around the country watched with pride tonight," Poo said in a statement. "After generations of exclusion and invisibility, we are so grateful to Octavia for helping bring recognition and light to this workforce.”

Poo also gave thanks to the other performers in the film that shed light on the profession.

“We're thankful for all of the performances in 'The Help' that gave life and dignity to domestic workers' stories," the director said.

Poo also quoted referenced King while speaking about the uplifting of domestic workers.

"We have a dream that one day all work will be valued equally,” Po said. “Together we can be 'the help' needed to bring respect to domestic work.”

Spencer brought respect to domestic work in her portrayal of Minny Jackson, a candid maid in “The Help.” The actress previously spoke about how all people could relate to the role, in an interview with Yahoo Movies.

“I think the 'The Help' reminds us of our humanity, and it's socially relevant even today,” Spencer said. “Revolutions usually happen when the underserved or underclass find their situation no longer tenable. Look at Occupy Wall Street fighting for the shrinking middle class and poor, you know what I mean?”