Octomom and Donations Website: Nadya Suleman Begs for Money, But Makes 6-Figure Salary?

Nadya Suleman is now asking for charitable donations to afford a home despite reports that she is making six figures from her work as a stripper.

Nadya Suleman is now allegedly asking for fans to donate money to her cause so that she will be able to afford a new home for herself and her 14 kids. The report comes only a week after it was reported the Suleman was no long bankrupt and earning six figures as a stripper.

"Thank you so much for taking the time to visit my page," Suleman wrote on the gofundme.com website on July 28th. "I am having to move out of my home soon and am very close to being able to buy a home for my kids. Your support is appreciated."

Suleman is asking for a grand total of $150,000 for the house payment and extending her request to any kind soul that is willing to pitch in. However. just last week TMZ reported that Suleman was no longer bankrupt.

"Sources tell TMZ ... the mother of 14 no longer needs government assistance thanks to her various XXX gigs," the publication wrote on July 21st. "We're told Octo has raked in more than enough cash to support herself – we're talkin' 6-figs."

Sulemans first house was purchased by her father and then foreclosed upon when Suleman failed to make payments. According to reports, the house had been trashed and was incomplete disarray.

The Octomom failed to pay her mortgage for three months, stating that she didn't want to live there anymore, according to TMZ. Suleman had hoped to sell the house before it was foreclosed on by the bank, however, she didn't seem fully concerned if that wasn't possible. Pictures of the house revealed the walls covered in crayon and pen marks with holes in the wall.

The plea for money comes after Suleman has completed an adult video and a handful of stripping gigs in addition to a semi-nude magazine cover. Even after posing topless, though, Suleman stated that she strived to be an example to her kids.

"Every choice we parents make is going to significantly affect our children for the rest of our lives. It's going to haunt them forever," she said earlier this year. "I have to be the ultimate positive role model."