‘Octomom’ Dropped by Manager for Being ‘Unmanageable’: 'We Feel Sorry for the Children'

Nadya “Octomom” Suleman, the controversial mother of 14 via in vitro fertilization, has been dumped by her management team, TMZ reported.

Sources close to the unemployed mother told TMZ she was dropped because of her constant flaking. Octomom’s management team would constantly book her paying jobs and she "would find any reason" to cancel them at the last minute, often using the children as an excuse, the sources said.

Octomom's Twitter, Facebook, and Ustream accounts have all been deleted.
In 2011, Octomom received some hefty sums of money through making appearances, but getting her to work as of late has been very difficult for her management team, who dropped her over the weekend, TMZ reported.

"I quit on her because she is unmanageable. She would not reply to anything work-related we would call or text about especially if it was not paid," Octomom's now former Manager Gina Rodriquez told TMZ.

Suleman disputed Rodriguez’s claims that she was dropped in a statement and said she would be setting up her own social networking accounts.

“I fired my manager today and she’s a little upset so she shut down all my profiles online. I chose not to work with her anymore. New year, new beginning. I’m not technologically savvy but I’ll have to now start from scratch and set up my own Facebook and Twitter as she had done all that for me,” Suleman said.

"Regardless of the $70K we made her, she still claimed to not be able to pay any of her bills. We no longer wanted a part of any of it and we feel sorry for the children," Rodriquez added to TMZ.

Nadya “Octomom” Suleman gained international attention when she successfully gave birth to octuplets with the help of reproductive technology in 2009. Public reaction soon went negative when the already single mother of six small children was said to be unemployed and on public assistance. Suleman maintains she has never used any public assistance programs.