Octomom Gets a New House in Palmdale, Calif. Using Adult Entertainment Industry Funds (PHOTOS)

Following difficult times and a number of questionable careers, Nadya Suleman has finally found a landlord that is willing to sell her, a mother of 14, a home.

Finding a new home has proven to be a challenge for the "Octomom" and perhaps for good reason. Suleman foreclosed on her last home, which had been partially paid for by her father, and allegedly left the property in bad condition when she was forced to move out.

With a desire to start fresh, the Octomom decided that it was best to file for bankruptcy. With a desperate need to still support her 14 children, the reality star then went back on her words to never delve into the adult industry and has taken up a number of roles related to adult entertainment. She posed for "Closer" magazine in March, allegedly making an estimated $10,000.

Apparently acknowledging that the adult industry may be the quickest way to make cash, Suleman continued to move her career in a lewd direction. Her next move was to accept a solo role in an adult film, which made some question what kind of impact her latest decision would have on her kids now and in the future.

Criticism however, was not enough to stop Suleman from accepting a gig at an adult nightclub as a stripper. The work allegedly earned the reality star a 6-figure paycheck. The collected funds in addition to a $2,000 monthly paycheck from welfare that she had been receiving previous to her stripping gig were apparently not enough to afford a new home. So Suleman then went on the gofundme.com website, where she asked charitable donors to help her come up with $150,000 towards a new place.

Even after securing the funds, many didn't want to sell her a home.

Now, however, Suleman's big break has finally come and she was able to purchase a home located in Palmdale, Calif., according to TMZ. The listing states that the home features 5 bedrooms, 3 bathrooms, a 3-car garage and a massive 14,000 sq. ft. back yard.

The home will cost $2,150 a month and Suleman has allegedly put down 8 months payments in advance in addition to a large deposit in order to secure the abode.

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